What we do


We spot and support those new talents who emerge from social media so they can become the link between the messages brands want to convey and their target audiences, in a way in which those messages become relevant and engaging for everybody.


We develop creative presentations and content actions that find their own flow within the digital ecosystem.


We incorporate Influencers to the brand's advertising campaigns along with actions that are in line with the messages they share with their network.


We plan and work in the creation of contents to make the relationship between a brand and its audience both effective and long-lasting.


We provide a roadmap for Influencers to become more relevant and procure greater benefits by advocating first class brands.


We respect their style and the way they reach their followers, to which we incorporate what's needed to fit the brand's message.

Who we are

We are a group of professionals in communication, advertising and finance who founded this company.

Darío LauferCEO

I developed my professional career as a business and financial journalist and later as an advertising creative. Today, I am the CEO of Be Influencers, an agency that creates actions involving media and people in the digital environment.

I have a BA in Communications Studies from the Universidad de Buenos Aires and did a Postgraduate Course in Communication and Marketing through the academic partnership between the Universidad de Palermo and the New York University. I took the Program on Economics for Journalists taught by the Fundación de Investigaciones Económicas Latinoamericanas (FIEL) in 2002.

I am a member of Interact, the Argentine Association of Digital Agencies for which I coordinate the Executive Program on Digital Marketing taught at the Universidad Católica Argentina (UCA).

I started my career in advertising as a Content Director for the digital creative industry. I was recently awarded by advertising festivals such as el Ojo de Iberoamérica and AMDIA (Argentine Direct and Interactive Marketing Association) and got the Diente de Oro Award, among others.

How we work

To make a content plan successful, brands must leave Influencers to make the message theirs, so they can share it with their audiences using their own communication style.

We create content campaigns that have an introduction, a body and an ending, so people can experience those campaigns along with the brands. We sign up the most outstanding Influencers in each interest category to make the most impact on the social media.

We sign up the most outstanding Influencers in each interest category to make the most impact on the social media.

We measure the actions implemented by using the client's own tools so their reviews are consistent throughout time and the outcomes can be audited at corporate level.

What we offer

A transparent business model for brands, Influencers and audiences.

  • We help brands to convey their message to audiences.
  • We address the brand's messages to audiences through Influencers.
  • We create metrics using our client's own tools and learn from all actions implemented.



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