• That in the digital world the only finite thing is time.

  • That brands need to win the attention of their consumers.

  • That today we spend 3 to 5 hours on our mobile devices.

  • That we are part of the “skip-ad” generation

Why influencers?

In a context of atomization of media, segmented audiences and a satiety of the advertising model that is reflected in the skip-ad, influencers emerge in social networks as creators and curators of content that generates community. The brands need them to reach an audience they could not reach.

Working with influencers is not doing a PNT in your feed, it's co creating content with them to get the best results.

What is an influencer?
  • Someone whose opinion is taken into account
  • It is perceived as a genuine pair
  • Create community
  • It has a superior engagement to the average
What is not an influencer?
  • Necessarily someone famous or out of the media traditional
  • Someone with a lot of followers and very low engagement
  • Someone who can not cure contents

Our Process



Insights, motivations and mobilizers.

Social Listening

History with the product and the industry


Influencer themes

Benchmarking of engagement


Follower demographics

Audience growth

Audience duplication


Moments of better result

(content scheduling)


Campaign results:
Impressions / Scope / Likes

Shared / Reproductions

Total comments / Comments on Topic

Rate of engagement / View rate

Other custom metrics based on campaign goals


Campaign results report

+ Listening + Lessons

+ Possible improvements + Opportunities

Our Philosophy

A transparent business model for brands, Influencers and audiences.



Our Clients


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